About Us

Tendercapital Stables was founded several years ago upon the initiative of Moreno Zani, Chairman and Founder of Tendercapital, one of the more international, independent and dynamic players in the asset management panorama, and Edouard Mathé, who contributes with his expertise and commitment to strengthen Tendercapital Stables’ reputation for excellence.

Tendercapital’s philosophy and approach finds its complement and its highest expression in an apparently distant world: the equestrian sport.
Tendercapital shares many values with horse riding and finds in this sport a reciprocation of life concepts such as inspiration, commitment, passion and courage. It fully represents the competitive spirit of Tendercapital, going beyond the mere sponsorship proposition.

The connection between horses and the company is so tight and innate that Tendercapital itself took its name from a horse: Nontender, Moreno Zani’s favourite horse, from which all began.

Tendercapital Stables was born from this passion: a stable offering high-quality services, a place where Tendercapital’s team of horses and riders can train and prepare to compete top national and international jumping competitions.

Tendercapital Stables is housed in the magnificent setting of the Domaine de la Guicharderie, a welcoming estate nestled in the French countryside surrounding Paris.