Privacy Policy
Tendercapital LTD has adopted Company Procedures and Policies in line with the General Regulation of the European Union on data protection (GDPR-Reg EUe 2016/679), in order to guarantee high security standards and rules aimed at allowing adequate Personal Data processing.
Authorized subjects to data processing
Personal Data is processed by internal and external resources to Tendercapital LTD that are highly identified, trained, educated and who work as authorized staff for the processing of data.
External data processing managers:
The list of external Managers for processing personal data is available at the headquarters of Tendercapital LTD.
Data retention
The collected data will be kept for a period of time not exceeding the achievement of the purposes for which they are processed (“retention limitation principle”, art.5, GDPR) or on the basis of the deadlines established by law. The verification of the obsolescence of the data stored in relation to the purposes for which they were collected is carried out periodically.